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Flip Flop Spanish:
 Discover the best way to learn languages … for YOU!

Getting Started with Spanish:

The Flip Flop Spanish methodology is all about relationship and motivation. Motivating your child is easy to do with hands-on activities, interactive games, and engaging exercises and audio from 

Flip Flop Spanish.

We must LEARN it the way we USE it: 


Not face-to-screen, not face-to-DVD,  

even face-to-book. So, how do you get there?

We must LEARN the language 

the way we intend to USE the language. 

Nothing else translates authentically.


Which Flip Flop Spanish Product is best for your family?

You learn with your child. Find out what YOU like. We have two main methods:

#1: Do you have a doodler? …a student who is constantly coloring, drawing, and LOVES workbooks? Do you like the idea of a simple lesson, a few words each week? Listen to a CD with your student, then do one activity each day together… Choose the Flip Flop Spanish Workbook that fits your age range. (If you have multiple ages, choose the younger one, and supplement with Flip Flop Spanish Flashcards and a Skinny Book for the older student.)

#2: Are you more of a hands-on teacher with multiple ages to teach? Choose See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish, where a manual and  audio CD is your guide, and you and your children manipulate the flashcards to make original simple sentences in Spanish within the very first TEN MINUTES.

Enjoy browsing the Flip Flop Shop for other supplements 

to increase your learning.


See it and Say it: Whole Family Spanish

Complete with games, charades, skits, audio, visual, and tactile learning, children and parents alike move quickly through the short CD tracks (about three per lesson) three times per week. Lessons include optional writing elements as well as plenty of voice bubbles coming from mascot Egg Head to explain the grammatical concepts along the way. Completely flashcard based, with tons of extra activities throughout, this one fits the WHOLE family. It’s a full, flexible, two-year curriculum, non-consumable; able to be used again and again.


Workbook and CD Combos:

Every other page is upside-down for a reason. We designed each workbook to fold back on itself so your student can see and focus on one page at a time.

ffs 6-9 cover with spiral

As you work through the lessons, your student sees a glimpse of what's to come, so when he flips the book upside-down for the return journey after the mid point lesson, your child will proudly review all that he has accomplished, simply by turning the pages, flipping and learning as you work back toward the front of the workbook.

Each workbook includes a Spanish Audio CD to remove any pronunciation trepidation and allow you and your child to practice learning TOGETHER!

Other tools include Spanish Flash Cards, Spanish Bingo, a Perpetual Spanish Calendar and more! Students absorb language when they have fun interacting! 

Find all of Flip Flop Learning's downloadable resources from Currclick.com.

How do you get started?  With thousands of foreign language products out there, where do we begin? I can help. For more questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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