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Spanish Activity Calendar

Spanish Fun Activity Calendar

A great supplement to ANY curriculum you've begun, or something simple to bridge the gaps during summers and holidays.

"What a fantastic idea! Use this calendar to teach your child a phrase a day. On the fifth day, put them all together to make a sentence. Your child can also use this calendar to practice counting in Spanish, learn the names for the seasons, the days of the week, and the months. Each month of the calendar also has a picture which your child can label with the new words they have learned. Special assignments are scattered throughout the calendar. These assignments are fun review activities that have to do with the sentences the children are currently learning. "Call out the Spanish body parts and wave or pat them as you call out the name, "Look outside describe the weather in Spanish" and other things like that. The best part about this product is you can start it at any time. You can even do it more than once , going through it each year so that your child reviews and retains what they have learned. In just a few minutes a day, your child will be developing their Spanish vocabulary. Even us busy moms can handle that." --Currclick Staff Reviews

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Learn Spanish at the Speed of Life!

-Handy Spanish - never lose your textbook, just hang it on the wall!

-Learn Spanish at your child’s pace and track your progress by adding one useful word per day. Say the word of the day three times, color and label the word in the month’s mural, and you have already added more Spanish vocabulary to your life ~ all on the way to the breakfast table.

-Each practical vocabulary word is strategically laid out so that every Friday, you and your child will know a complete sentence by using your newfound phrases from that week.

-The twelve months’ dates are left open so you can start learning during any month of any year.

-With a an easy-to-use pronunciation guide, as well as phonetic spelling throughout, the Spanish Fun Activity Calendar makes acquiring a second language simple, fun, and hands-on for all ages of students.

- Includes 250+ word glossary!

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"Senora Gose's Flip Flop Spanish is great and I love the illustrations that can be colored. I love to color and paint and so do young children. The whole book is entertaining as well as instructional. I know children and their parents will love it and will benefit greatly from it!"

Date: Aug 12, 2005 --Sincerely, Arlene S. Ell, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

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