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iPhone App

Flip n Flop Learning is Proud to announce their first iPhone App!

Click here to purchase it from iTunes now! ($1.99)

Neither children nor adults need to be overwhelmed
with too many new words at once.

Simply start... Simply!

Using ALL the learning styles, any student can learn with this app. Audial learners can hear the word, Visual learners depend on the Photos, and Tactile learners get to swipe and tap the cards KNOWN and UNKNOWN, as well as Shake the phone to shuffle.

iPhone App
iPhone App

Spanish FlipCards is a unique learning tool with photos on one side of the card, and the English, Spanish, and phonetic spelling on the opposite side, as well as a speaker icon so you can hear the word or phrase!

  • Add to your KNOWN and UNKNOWN "piles" by checking or "x"-ing each card.
  • Shake to shuffle your cards, or turn on shuffle, so each time you launch, the words are in a different order.
  • Quiz yourself, your friends, you children, or just brush up on pronunciation!
  • Each list has its own glossary, for easy reference. Just tap the word to go to that card.
  • Tap to flip the photo to the vocabulary word, and swipe left or right to go to the next card or previous card.

Spanish FlipCards includes three set lists:

  • Novice Basic Vocabulary with nouns, verbs, and adjectives so that you can form your own original sentences. This set mimics the word list in the paper product: Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards: Verde Set.
  • Counting with numbers 0-20, all the tens to 100, and the 100s to 1000. The Numbers are depicted in unique ways to best increase your memory ability of each card. Be sure to shuffle for the best results!
  • Time-telling. Not your basic times! You learn the common phrases "quarter-past," "half-past," and "quarter-to," as well as all the o'clocks for every hour. Use it to quiz your elementary student in English or Spanish!

More lists will be coming soon with FREE UPDATES to your app.

Check off the cards you know and practice only the cards you still need to study by using the Settings Button to turn on and off each option.



"Senora Gose's Flip Flop Spanish is great and I love the illustrations that can be colored. I love to color and paint and so do young children. The whole book is entertaining as well as instructional. I know children and their parents will love it and will benefit greatly from it!"

Date: Aug 12, 2005 --Sincerely, Arlene S. Ell, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

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At Flip n Flop Learning, our methods are simple, proven, and fun.

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