The Key to Learning Anything

"The Key to Learning Anything by Suzanne Gose is a quick and easy read with only 7 chapters (so it's not overwhelming)! I had only planned on reading 1 chapter per day, however, I felt like I was listening in conversation with a good friend giving me excellent advice! So, I could not easily put this down....I had to continue reading, listening.The first chapter explains our motivation for learning as well as how to motivate ourselves when we are NOT motivated. It really opened my eyes to things I had not considered before and I now feel like I have a working set of "tools" to help me get motivated for any project, new endeavor, or learning a new subject in a way that is not too overwhelming!Chapter 2 goes over the blocks to learning. As I read along a light bulb went off and everything seemed to make sense of what was blocking me from learning and progressing successfully to the next level.The book continues in additional chapters to explain the different learning styles and how to easily identify your learning style. Chapter 7 finishes up with a list of additional resources to dig deeper within this subject of learning styles, how to learn, etc. which I really appreciated!All in all, this short read will help you in a big way with EVERYTHING in your day to day living. I really think this book could also help you in planning anything from homeschooling to housekeeping to any area of your life that needs improvement! I appreciate how the book is also very light hearted, provided very simple steps for life application TODAY, easy to follow and gives you the feeling that you were just chatting with a great friend! (Make sure you have your coffee! Ready, set.....enjoy”

~M. Cole (Jan 2011)

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