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Señora Gose will be speaking at all four of these events. Come by and say "hi".


March 31-April 2, 2011
Duke Energy Convention Center


June 23-25, 2011
Valley Forge Convention Center



March 3-5, 2011
Memphis Convention Center


March 17-19, 2011
Carolina First Center


FALL 2010 Class Times
Classes begin September 8.
Note: I recommend Movie Spanish for my current Spanish 1B students.
If you are a new student, please feel free to email me or call for further information. Newcomers are always welcome!

Mondays at Wheelock Baptist Church (on FM 46)
9:30 AM Spanish Through the Movies ages 5-Moms (full)
10:30 AM High School Spanish II ($10/class, text w/CDs is about $20)
12 noon High School Spanish I ($10/class, text w/CDs is about $20)

Wednesdays at the NEW Community Homeschool Center in Bryan's Tejas Center:
10:00 am Spanish Bingo ($5/student) ages 5 and up
11:00 am Spanish Through the Movies ages 5 to Adult

12:00 noon - High School Spanish I ($10/student)

1:00PM-2:00PM Spanish Through the Movies ages 5 to Adults. Youngest age of 5 is strictly enforced. ($5 per student, $15 max per family) Mothers are encouraged to attend with their elementary aged children.

Spanish CLEP/ Spanish 3 - every other Tuesday from 1:00-2:30pm, at Sra. Gose's home. Advanced Conversational Spanish and Review of Grammatical Concepts. ($10/class)

Class descriptions:
Spanish through the Movies - This is conversational Spanish at its most fun! We will learn a list of words each week in class, then watch about 15 minutes of a popular movie in Spanish (all G or PG, no sections that would be questionable.) After the movie, we will discuss it in Spanish, and end with a game, if time. Each student (mom's too!) will receive homework appropriate for their age and ability. Grammar practices will be there for the Spanish I or IB students that are taking this class until they are old enough for Spanish II. You can practice at home with the same movie, or just practice the words - you get out of it what you put into it. For a Transcript Title, I would call this Conversational Spanish. We can provide take home quizzes for those who request it.

High School Spanish I - This class fulfills all of the TEKS for the State of Texas for Spanish I. We have speaking quizzes and exams, vocabulary tests, and speaking practice in class. The textbook units begin with a story to read aloud each week as well as a CD to listen and Practice with and Vocabulary lists and exercises. We take notes each week. This class is definitely geared toward 9th or 10th graders or older. We have fun, but the homework load is NOT too light. You are welcome to ask previous students about the class load. Students receive a homework packet each week with exercises laid out for them in each day. I speak about 30% in Spanish in this class, outside of giving notes.

High School Spanish II - Similar to Spanish I, but harder and faster. We begin with review, and then build speed. I recommend age 10th grade and above for this class. The grammar load is heavy to get through all the verb tenses, but we have a lot of fun with word puzzles, commercials, songs, and CD's to listen to. It is intense, and study sessions before the mid terms and final exams are recommended. I speak about 60% in Spanish for this class. (Pretty much everything outside of notes)

How to Enroll:
To attend the Wheelock Classes, you just need to email to enroll, as well as send in a $10 Building Use Fee for the year (one per family), made out to Wheelock Baptist Church.

To attend the Bryan Class, simply email to enroll, or call. Classes always fill quickly. Supplement Your Class time with a Sra. Gose-created product

Spanish Class Policy 2009-2010

AGES: Students ranging in ages from five to adult are welcome.

MOTIVATION: All students should show a desire to learn Spanish and should practice their lessons between weekly classes.

TUITION: Each session is $10.00 per student. You may pay weekly or monthly. Payment is due one week prior to each class. (Thus, September’s enrollment is due the last week of August.) There are no required expenses beyond enrollment (and textbook "Spanish Now" about $20, High School Classes)

ABSENCES: If a student knows he will be absent beforehand, he simply should note this on the sign in sheet. I will provide the packet of work the week he returns to class. I must be notified (via email, phone, message machine, in person, etc) at least 24 hours in advance to credit an absence. If I am not aware of the student's absence BEFORE class, payment will not be credited toward the next attended class session. No refunds will be made for any enrollment fees. All absent students will receive the packet of homework for any missed class. A student wishing to discontinue classes should simply notify me with one week's notice.

CLASS SIZE: One class will consist of at least 8 students, no more than 16.

CLASS MATERIALS: Please bring a pen or pencil, and a binder or folder to house your Spanish packets and binder sheets. Classes that require a text will receive their books at the first class.

Does your group need a boost?

In addition to creating foreign language studies, Señora Gose is also an avid public speaker!

Use the Contact Form to receive more information on pricing and availability. Señora Gose is available for your PTA, Homeschool Group, Teacher Workshop, Language Training for businesses and more!

Seminar choices includes topics such as Learning Styles with Foreign Languages, Learning Languages through the Ages, How our brains develop linguistically, teaching multiple ages at once, and even a crash course in Spanish for adults (Yes, in ONE day, you can get a jump start with Spanish!)

To contact Flip n Flop Learning LLC via mail or Phone:

Flip n Flop Learning LLC
6752 Castenson
Bryan, TX 77808

Contact Via email by using the form here.


"Senora Gose's Flip Flop Spanish is great and I love the illustrations that can be colored. I love to color and paint and so do young children. The whole book is entertaining as well as instructional. I know children and their parents will love it and will benefit greatly from it!"

Date: Aug 12, 2005 --Sincerely, Arlene S. Ell, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

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