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BingoEach Flip Flop Spanish Bingo Game is themed! This fun tool includes an instruction page laid out in 4 steps. The 20 word vocabulary list has Spanish, English, and phonetic spelling. Each game teaches common Spanish verbs and nouns to create simple original sentences like, "I like to talk with my friends," and "I don't like to jump on the book."

Complete with a vocabulary list and Bingo Grid, Flip Flop Spanish takes the Bingo Game and makes it educational and easy to use for groups as small as two students, and as many as you like!

Each Bingo Word Card has 20 words and pictures on it. The student colors, cuts, and places the words on his Bingo Grid (also included) in a random order. As the caller says the words (Spanish or English!) the students FLIP their words upside down. Four upside-down words in a row WINS! BINGO!

As always, this tool has been used and proven with hundreds of students throughout eight years of Señora Gose's classes.

Purchase and Download it now and start the fun! Try the smaller Free Sample to see how it works.

Bingo Free Sample

Bingo -
FREE Sample


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Bingo Lesson 1: When We Eat

Bingo -
Lesson 1:
When We Eat


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Bingo Lesson 2: Things I Get To Do

Bingo -
Lesson 2:
Things I Get To Do


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Bingo Lesson 3: My Crazy Face

Bingo -
Lesson 3:
My Crazy Face


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Bingo Lesson : Things I Like To Do

Bingo -
Lesson 4:
Things I Like To Do


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"Senora Gose's Flip Flop Spanish is great and I love the illustrations that can be colored. I love to color and paint and so do young children. The whole book is entertaining as well as instructional. I know children and their parents will love it and will benefit greatly from it!"

Date: Aug 12, 2005 --Sincerely, Arlene S. Ell, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

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